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“Look at us! We’re all losers … well, I mean we’ve all lost something.” 
this movie has good music

“Look at us! We’re all losers … well, I mean we’ve all lost something.” 

this movie has good music

cognitivebounds said: Hello! I love your artwork it's super cute! I would like to start creating my own digital art, and was wondering what kind of software/ drawing tablet you use to create your art and if you like it. Thanks!

thanks so much! so are you! haha :D and i’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond to this until now because I was away for a bit!

i use Photoshop CS3 (and i think it’s kind of a bad version because it doesn’t have a lot of stuff including the animation program…which i think CS3 should have generally?). For animating I email everything over to another computer and use Photoshop CS5 to animate. It’s not my computer and all of my brush settings and brushes I’ve downloaded are on my computer so I don’t use CS5 generally unless I need to animate, but I think CS5 would probably work better because it has more textures and features. I like Photoshop a lot but I’ve never actually used something else haha (this computer is old) so I have nothing to compare it to.

I’m ridiculously lucky to have been given a Wacom Cintiq tablet as a gift. I had a reallllllyyyy old wacom tablet before but I’m pretty sure I would have improved as much as I have now using the other tablet if I was as passionate about drawing and used it as much as I use my current tablet. (I only got this much into digital drawing and animation about a year and a half ago near the end of 8th grade i think….?) The cintiq definitely makes drawing a lot easier for me because you can see exactly what you’re drawing and it’s very similar to drawing traditionally if that’s what you’re used to. Again,  I haven’t really used anything besides the cintiq/wacoms so I don’t have that much to compare it to.

Despite this, I know friends and people that I follow that use different tablets from the Cintiq (some that are much cheaper) that work just as well (my friend dia uses a small portable bamboo tablet which is really handy because mine isn’t portable at all) and free/other programs (ex: GIMP or Fire Alpaca) and their art is on a totally different level than mine. So that being said, I really think the programs/materials only matter to some extent and it really depends on how well you work with those programs/materials. Each material/program has different perks and things that could be better so you really have to find what’s right for you. 

Also it might seem ridiculously tough at first or frustrating because you constantly want to compare your art to things around you and other artists but if you instead learn from other artists you’ll improve tremendously and get to a point where you’re content with your style. So my tips would be seriously keep drawing no matter how annoyed you get, and look at other artists’ work and real life for inspiration! I also think sharing your art is an awesome thing because it motivates you to draw more often! I’m still learning, improving, and trying to figure out my own style myself. I feel okay with my style at the moment, but there’s still so much I can learn and improve upon technically and I’m sure my style will change a lot! (Just look at my older posts from only a year ago (that kind of make me cringe now) and see the difference!) 

Sorry this is so long! (and i kinda rambled a lot)  ;o; I hope it made sense and helped somewhat? I’m going to post this publicly because it might be helpful for some people but if you want me to take it down for some reason message me and I will. Also send me an ask if you have other questions! :)

sometimes it’s best to just talk to your dragon about life
(click on the drawing it’s annoying me how tiny it is)
i made this file in a mini print size by the way… so message me if anyone’s interested!
drew this idiot
anyways i’m going to be away for SDCC but I should be back by next week!
oh god i love these dorks too much. you can just play the opening song of the anime and i’ll be in a better mood.
(this is a print! if anyone’s interested)

i had to quickly rush and make some stickers for a friend of mine this morning since I haven’t seen her in a while. I might put them online to sell or bring some to the cons I attend if anyone is interested? Let me know!

My first thoughts when finishing game:
1) the feels
2) I suck at puzzles
maybe the eyeball incident happens more often than we think



(he asked for 11)

I was away for a few days (it is summer for me) so now I’ll finish up these last few requests as quickly as possible. thanks! 

marcoolbodt said: omg can you do armin and 17 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

You said 17..but the other one you said 18… so I did both haha